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  • 0 % deductible for theft and total loss (Conditions apply)
  • CDW - Collision damage insurance
  • PAI – Medical expenses insurance
  • PLI - Liability (Third Party Liability)
  • Airport, State and Federal Taxes
  • Free mileage
  • Additional drivers (up to 2 drivers no extra charge)
  • Shuttle service* (Only if reserved for the Cancun airport)
  • Legal assistance
  • Vehicle licensing cost

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We offer service Pick- ups and returns at no cost in the same office. If you arrive at Cancun airport, then we would like to explain our procedure: One of our representatives will be waiting for you at the airport exit, with a trowel or advertisement with Payless Car Rental or Price Car Rental logo, only you must locate our representative with Payless uniform since we have no desk or phones inside the airport premises. Once located, our representative will take you our transportation to our offices which are located just 5 minutes from the airport, where we will have your car ready to be delivered.

On the other hand if you reach the airport in Campeche we are inside it, simply identify the office with logo Payless Car Rental.

Finally in Merida Airport we will be waiting for you at the exit with a palette of Payless Car Rental and transfer to the office that is 2 minutes away.

For the Drop Off. In case the return of the vehicle is made in another office an additional charge is made depending on the distances between locations, this charge will be made in counter on the day of your income is applied. Then the rate table of the main locations.

ZH- Cancun <-> Aeropuerto Cancun $12.00 USD
ZH- Cancun <-> Playa del Carmen $19.50 USD
ZH- Cancun <-> Tulum $27.00 USD
ZH- Cancun <-> Merida $154.00 USD
Playa del Carmen <-> Tulum $12.00 USD
Playa del Carmen <-> Merida $193.00 USD
Campeche <-> Cancun $347.00 USD
Merida <-> Campeche $154.00 USD

See table rate for all locations

The minimum age is 21 and there is no maximum age limit. He/she must have in their possession, at the time of renting and while driving the rented vehicle, an original, valid and current drivers license, with photograph. Original, valid and current International driver's licenses, with photograph, are also accepted, from any country, but are not required or mandatory.

Each car rental contract titleholder is allowed to add two additional drivers, at no extra cost. Three or more additional drivers may be added, at 5 USD, per day, each, and must meet the same requirements stated in the previous paragraph.

Within Mexico, there are no driving area restrictions. If you want to drive into Belize, Guatemala or Honduras, specify in the space for "comments", when you book, so the necessary documentation will be available when you arrive to process your rental contract. There is no charge for this service. However, you must always enter or exit Guatemala, through Belize, not Mexico. If you try to enter or exit Guatemala through Mexico, you will be required a notarized legalization affidavit, which requires a few days to process and will cost, at least, 150 USD, depending on the Notary fee. Whatever the amount, it is additional to the rental fee. Some clients pay it, the majorities do not, and the decision is always up to the client.

Credit or Debit AMEX, VISA. No personal checks or travel vouchers. Credit or Debit card data is not required to book a reservation, only when processing the rental contract, upon arrival.

The security deposit will normally be requested 3 days before your rent once verified the availability .

The amount of the deposit on credit card corresponds to the following amounts depending on the type of vehicle:

For mini economy to compact vehicles:$600.00 usd.
For mid-size vehicles:$700.00 usd.
For full size, 4X4 or sport convertible:$800.00 usd.
For mini vans, 8 & 12 passenger vans :$1000.00 usd.
Para mini vans & Vans: $10,000.00 mxn.
For Suburban :$1500.00 usd.

In case of an accident, the insurance companies require that the titleholder of the contract, or any authorized additional driver, must have his/her drivers license, with photograph, on their person and the names must be specified on the front page of the rental contract. If not, the insurance company will not honor the insurance policy. Also, that they must report the accident immediately to the PRICE CAR RENTAL phone numbers, on the front page of the contract, so that an insurance adjustor can be sent to the scene of the accident immediately.

CDW - Collision Damage Waiver

CDW is a coverage that reduces the client’s responsibility. The CDW reduces the driver’s responsibility in case of accident only if the damage does not cause total loss or if the damage is greater than the deductible. In case of an accident, the client only pays a deductible (10%), according to the vehicle category.

The CDW does not cover theft of accessories. It is not refundable and is valid only in Mexico.

PAI - Personal Accident Insurance

PAI covers medical expenses for the occupants of the rented vehicle This includes doctors, hospital and ambulance service. Coverage is up to $8,000 usd per occupant of the rental vehicle, up to the permitted number of occupants in the vehicle type.

The PAI is a different cover and separate from insurance collision damage and liability insurance. It is not refundable and is valid only in Mexico.

PLI - Liability (Third Party Liability)

The PLI cover up to 100,000 usd in liability, This covers expenses caused by the rented vehicle to third persons or their properties. It does not cover damages to the rented vehicle or, medical expenses for the occupants of the rented vehicle It is not refundable and is valid only in Mexico.

0% Deductible

This coverage is an extension of the CDW coverage. This reduces the deductible to zero only in cases of total theft or total loss of the vehicle comply with the terms and conditions of insurance. No accessories covers and does not cover traffic violations or damages caused by driver negligence.
It is not refundable and is valid only in Mexico.

If for any reason, the titleholder of the contract returns the rented vehicle before the stipulated return date on the front page of the rental contract, any reimbursement is subject to the policies of the contract made with the appropriate vendor, so please read them in their physical contract.

There is a 50 minutes tolerance period for drop offs. If for any reason, the rented vehicle is not returned at the stipulated hour, on the rental contract, the late charge will be $10 USD per first hour for Intermediate Suv to Full Size Van or $5 USD per first hour for other car types. From two hours or more, a whole day rent will be charged.
This apply for online reservations too, overtime will be charged at the same rates set forth in the preceding paragraph and from 2 overtime, the system will charge a full day with the current rate.

Baby seats, for newly born to 3 year olds, are $5 USD per day. There are no Booster seats, for 3 to 5 year olds, as they are no required by law.
GPS generates an extra cost of $10 usd/day for less than 7 days, $7 usd/day for a week or more and $5 usd/day for 15 days rental or more.

On one day rentals only, to pick up in Cancun and drop off in Playa del Carmen, or visa versa, an additional charge of 20 USD will be applied. To pick up in Cancun and drop off in the Tulum areas, or visa versa, an additional charge of 30 USD will be applied. To pick up in Playa del Carmen and drop off in Tulum, or visa versa, an additional charge of 10 USD will be applied.

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